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Intellibed Mattress Review

The Intellibed is a unique mattress company that was founded in 2000. What sets them apart from the competition is their Intelligel technology. I first became aware of Intellibed when I reviewed the Purple mattress which incorporates a similar technology. The Intelligel is a membrane that addresses pressure points by collapsing in key areas of your body. It…

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Cotton crop landscape

Organic Cotton vs. Eyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has a stellar reputation, and for good reason — for generations, true Egyptian cotton has produced the softest and most luxurious bed sheets. Unfortunately, the industry has been plagued by deceptive marketing in recent years, making it difficult for consumers to determine which sheets are true Egyptian and which are low-quality imitations. Worse…

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Ikrema Mattress Review

The Ikrema mattress is similar to many foam mattresses on the market but one of its most distinguishing factors is the that the price is a bit more competitive. The mattress feels great and has a nice corduroy cover at the base which makes it a little more durable and less prone to tears if…

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Nolah Mattress Giveaway!

SleepSherpa – Fall Giveaway 2016 The Nolah mattress introduces a truly innovative foam called Nolah Air Foam Technology. This new type of foam is very resilient and provides pressure relief at the same level of traditional foam without the heat retention. Nolah also gives back by donating to a wildlife animal on your behalf. Here’s…

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Performance Mattresses – The “Nex-Gen” of Memory Foam Mattresses

If you are buying a mattress online, there are a lot of choices.  Many of the online brands follow the same model of creating 3 layers of foam and Latex, zipped-up in a bag.  But look out for some of the newer offerings that take mattresses to the next level.  Nex-Gen products have been born…

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pangea bed

Pangea Bed Copper Review

I was sent a Pangea bed for free to review. According to Wikipedia, the word Pangea is derived from Ancient Greek pan (πᾶν, “all, entire, whole”) and Gaia (Γαῖα, “Mother Earth, land”).The concept that the continents once formed a continuous land mass…” In the context of mattresses, the Pangea bed is all the best material coming together…

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slumbr virgo pillow

Slumbr Virgo Pillow Review : A Stomach Sleeper’s Dream Come True!

Slumbr is a new pillow startup that has a great offering of pillows that help you maximize your comfort depending on your sleeping style. I was recently given a couple pillows from Slumbr to review.  I think we may start seeing more online pillow startups in the wave of all the mattress startups. This is…

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best pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Review #bestpillowever

Brooklyn Bedding recently launched a new pillow that is made of talalay latex. It truly caters to all types of sleepers. I have tried shredded latex pillows in the past and thought they were superior to solid latex pillows but this pillow proved me wrong. Latex is very resilient and recovers instantly which is something foam…

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Sleep Number airfit pillow

Sleep Number Pillow Review

Sleep Number is known for their adjustable firmness beds that use an air chamber to make the bed firmer or softer for you and your partner. I recently purchased a Sleep Number pillow to see how they stack up against some of the other pillows on the market. You can buy this pillow direct from…

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Global mattress sales

Mattress Startups Go Global

The online mattress craze isn’t just happening in the USA. The trend has grown to other countries with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Here is a list of mattress startups in other Countries: Australia Koala Mattress Sleeping Duck Greywing England Leesa Simba Sleeping Duck Bruno Eve India Sunday Rest As you can see the…

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