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Jazvin Mattress

Jazvin Mattress Review

The Jazvin mattress is a great choice for people looking for a mattress that incorporates more natural materials. While not an organic mattress, it does offer natural latex, natural wool and a top layer of organic cotton. Jazvin is headquartered out of Chicago, IL where they currently have a showroom. Ordering You can order the…

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sonno bed

Sonno Bed Review : A Tale of Two Mattresses

Sonno is a brand that has been around for a while. However, they just launched a new website, where you can purchase their latest offering, the Sonno Bed. It is a flippable mattress where each side will give you a different level of firmness depending on your preference. For this review I received the…

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i love my pillow

I Love My Pillow : A Review

I Love My Pillows was started out of frustration with the pillow buying experience. This is a similar story line to how many of the new mattress companies were started. Pillows do seem to be getting a bit over complicated these days and the founders of this company wanted to bring things back to basics…

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Dream Bed Cool

Dream Bed Mattress Review

The Dream Bed is the latest online mattress offering from Mattress Firm. not only does this bed provide amazing pressure relief but because its offered through Mattress Firm, they can have it delivered to your door in a box in 48 hours! I was given a “Cool Dream Bed” for review and I found it…

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Bedgear Sheets 2

Bedgear Sheets Review

I was given a set of Bedgear Dri-Tec sheets for review this past winter. I have been using them occasionally on mattresses that I review. These sheets have a super soft, silky feel and are extremely breathable. They have the same feel as the newer athletic wear on the market. I put them in the…

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Bruno Mattress

Bruno Mattress Review

I received a free Bruno mattress for review. This mattress is unique in that it is made of polyurethane foam that does not have added chemicals such as emulsifiers that slow foam movement. It also has a 7 zone construction that addresses key pressure points such as hips and shoulders. Ordering You can purchase the Bruno…

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Coronado mattress

Brentwood Home Coronado Mattress Review

I received a free Coronado mattress from Brentwood Home for review. The Coronado is part of Brentwood Home’s new 2016 line of mattresses. It has a medium firm feel to it and like the Sequioa mattress it is built very well. Ordering and Unboxing You can order the Coronado mattress direct via the Brentwood Home…

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Hyphen Mattress

Hyphen Mattress Review

Hyphen sent me their mattress free for review.  What sets the Hyphen mattress apart from many of the mattress in a box offerings is that they have their own mattress factory. This offers many advantages but I think the best advantage is that they can keep costs down and experiment more to get it right. They…

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Alaska Bear

Alaska Bear – Natural Silk Travel Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner Review

I was given a free Alaska Bear travel sheet for review. This is basically a silk sleeping bag that can be used when camping or even staying at a hotel with questionable bedding to give you a layer of protection and comfort. Ordering You can buy this travel sheet direct through Amazon. It qualifies for…

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sequioa mattress

Brentwood Home Sequioa Mattress Review

I received the Sequoia mattress for free from Brentwood Home. The Sequioa mattress is one of 3 new offerings from Bretnwood Home for 2016. It is the highest price model of the 3 and comes in at $1,495 for a Queen. What makes this mattress unique is the attention to detail including the handles along…

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